The club operates as four different committees, each of which oversees a particular area of activity. We run enterprise challenges, business competitions, socials and guest speaker events under our events committee. We run training sessions and business workshops under our E.G. committee. We run actual student business ventures under our Projects Committee. The Committee of Management coordinates the activities of the other three and manages the Club as a whole.


Membership of The Entrepreneurs Club is on an informal basis and is completely free. Subscribers of the Enterprise-Students mailing list are considered to be Ordinary Members of The Club.

The York Entrepreneurs Society is the society responsible for the campus famous “York Student Apprentice” event. The society also took part in an event called “The Business” which involved entrepreneurial challenges against a range of Universities from around the UK.  The York Entrepreneur Society as a whole aims to get students to show and develop their enterprising skills. Being a member of this society stands you in good stead, with many of its previous committee members going on to work in top positions in industry.