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In recent years the number of students wishing to undertake professional Law Courses has risen considerably as Law has become one of the most interesting and beneficial choices of career in the country today. Every year thousands of new students have to decide which of the huge array of courses on offer are best for them as well as choosing the right location to study.

There are now more universities offering Law Courses than ever before with many of them being more prestigious than others so making. When choosing a course the student is required to weigh up all the benefits of the law based course so that they are in line with the career needs of the student for the path they have chosen. As well as this choosing the right university for your needs is also very important as many specialize in different areas to their counterparts so knowing which the best is for you is essential.

There are a huge variety of courses available within this field and one of the most popular right now is the International Law Masters Degree as it offers one of the broadest spectrums of international law of any other course. The course consists of one hundred and twenty credits over all topical modules with the student needing to achieve a high number of these to successfully complete their qualification. The course itself is of one year duration full time for already qualified or experienced lawyers and is seen as a supplement course for those already practicing law. One of the most beneficial aspects of this course is the amount of topics that will be covered during the duration of the course as the syllabus will provide the student with everything they will be required to know to work competently in international law. Take a look at some of the LLB Law Degree at Bangor University here.

The topics that are covered within this law course are Biodiversity and International Law, Commercial Conflicts of Law, EU Defence Law, European Law of Human Rights, Foundations of International Criminal Justice, Governance of the EU, International and Comparative Penal Law and Human Rights, International Consumer Protection, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Investment Law, International Law of the Sea, International Law of Tran boundary Pollution, International Law Treaties, International Law on the Use of Force, International Refugee Law, International relations Law of the EU, International Sale of Goods, Issues in International Community, Law of International Organizations, Law of International Trade Finance, Mental Disability and International Human Rights, Principles of Public International Law, Public Procurement in EC and International Trade Law, Public Procurement Law, Settlement of International Disputes and The World Trading System.

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As you can see there is a huge array of knowledge to be gained by taking this International Law course as it is by far one of the most informative and beneficial to any person practicing law today. The course syllabus will be scored on each student’s individual work over the twelve months with each module being scored on its merit. The student will also be required to complete a ten thousand word dissertation on any given syllabus topic with the score of this and the general course work being added together towards the students final marks. As well as this the student will be required to sit a final set of exams which will be scored by an independent assessing body so that they meet the general criteria for this subject.

Additional live Law based resources can be found on the Official Justice Courts website here.

There are many benefits from achieving this qualification such as the obvious financial benefits as well as the feeling of satisfaction of working in one of the most challenging environments in the world today. Take a look at our Careers In Business page we have created in order to help people find the right course.

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