A Career In Law

Why choose a career in law?

We see the results of law in virtually all aspects of our daily lives as by some, way, shape or form everything you see that is man made has been governed by some law on another. With this in mind law can be one of the most fruitful and beneficial career options to take and will be highly rewarding for the person once they have completed their course and gained experience. In general law courses are between three to five years in length depending on the type of course you have decided to take and these courses can be located at universities all over the world.

If we look at a basic course set up such as the International Law Masters Degree we can see this course is one year in duration and you will learn a huge variety of topical subjects within this time. Some key core modules you will participate in are Biodiversity and International Law, Commercial Conflicts of Law, EU Defense Law, European Law of Human Rights, Governance of The EU as well as many more such as International Human Rights, International Refugee Law and Public Procurement Law.

All these topics and the rest will be covered during the year and you will be required to do much coursework and also write many dissertations of various lengths.

As you can see even the most basic law course can be pretty tough and takes a lot of commitment from the student, so before entering into a career choice the student should ensure that law is right for them. This is especially due to the fact that even after they have finished the course they will still be required to complete a large amount of work experience at a law firm before they can fully practice. So you may again ask yourself why would I put myself through all that? The answer to this is simple!

When you have completed all of your training and work experience you will find that practicing law and working within it is one of the most rewarding careers in the world both financially and personally.

Recommended Courses:

1. The LLM In International Law

2. Business Law

3. Law With Business Degree

The financial benefits of working within law are astounding as the salaries paid by law firms to good lawyers are some of the highest in the world and also contain many additional benefits for the lawyer. On the personal note if you practice law in the right discipline you will find that it can a very morally rewarding also as you can get the chance to do something good that you feel passionate about such as environmental law or perhaps doing law work for a charity. The possibilities are endless and if you ask me practicing law has to be arguably one of the best jobs in the world. If all these facts entice you to decide to study law it would be advisable before you choose a location to learn the subject that you look at the establishments background and past performance.

Additional Legal based courses such as the as the typical LLB Degrees at Bangor University are also a very good start for up and coming lawyers to undertake, the key is to find experience as well as training, these 2 combined ensure you are on the road to success in the World of Law.

This is due to many Universities specializing in law more than others so choosing the right one could make a huge difference to your future. Like in all things in life studying law will require you to give your all and prepare for a few years of hard work until you finally achieve your goal.

Finance Related Resources of Interest that our team highly recommend are Google Finance and Google Scholar these two resources allow for excellent research and development, most especially for Business Related research and educational resources. Other useful resources can be found on the York University apprentice challenge website.

Additional Resources of interest covering Legislation have been duly added below:

Legislation UK: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/